Posted by Randall White on Feb 01, 2018
                The club was favored with the performance of the Spring Lake Jazz Band under the direction of Spring Lake Public Schools Music Instrumental Music Director Mike Truszkowski.  The group played about eight numbers and put on a terrific performance.  There are 16 pieces in the group and were across the spectrum grade wise.
                Following the performance, Mike talked about the instrumental music opportunities at Spring Lake Public Schools which are numerous.  They include:
  1. Flute band
  2. 5th grade band
  3. 6th grade band
  4. Middle school band
  5. Middle school jazz band
  6. Middle school marching band
  7. Drum line
  8. High school jazz band
  9. High school pep band
  10. High school concert band
  11. High school symphonic band
  12. High school marching band
This also includes Color Guard which accompanies the marching band.  The various bands attend competitions and consistently place in the top three in Class B.  The marching band has gone to Florida and the concert band has made three trips to Toronto by way of Niagra Falls.
Mike has great assistants on his team and seems to thoroughly enjoy what has to be a huge job.  Music education is extremely important in the educational framework and helps to make Spring Lake Public Schools the shining star that it is.
All of this could not be accomplished without parental support.  The Spring Lake Band Parents Association is legendary in its personal and monetary support.  The annual fundraiser is Fund Jam and is coming up in a few weeks.  Our club helped things along by contributing $500.00.  It was a good gig for the Jazz Band!
Raffle Winner:  Tim Kval