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Member Birthdays
Bernie Wade
March 3
Midge Verplank
March 3
Megan C. Doss
March 6
Jen Crouse
March 8
Cara Galbavi
March 13
Mac MacLachlan
March 15
Steve Matthies
March 17
Kevin Green
March 18
Claire Sheridan
March 25
Ernie Petrus
March 28
Claire Sheridan
March 21
Tracy Straight
March 23
Join Date
Rich Jones
March 1, 1981
38 years
Barbara Lee VanHorssen
March 6, 2018
1 year
Ernie Petrus
March 8, 2013
6 years
James Bos
March 9, 2012
7 years
George Gardner
March 15, 1991
28 years
Morgan Rescorla
March 17, 2017
2 years
Brian Humphrey
March 18, 2016
3 years
Gordon Gallagher
March 18, 2016
3 years
Stefanie Herder
March 18, 2016
3 years
Julie Grevengoed
March 24, 2017
2 years
Chris Burns
March 25, 2013
6 years
Michelle Hanks
March 29, 2017
2 years
Russell Hampton
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March Greeters
 Jen Crouse; Doug Heins; and, Phil King.
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3/15/2019Jess GarrisonHadley StrengNew GHACF Director
3/22/2019Nick ChascoDave SwainGH Rotary
3/29/2019Gary Gerlach(Jim Lilly-? )Michigan House Report
4/5/2019No Mtg-Spring break  
Last Week's Scribe Report
                Our meeting of March 8 was the first of two recognizing the sponsor of Sno Jam.  We had included sponsors such as Chazz Fisher, Ted Fuger, Steph Herder, Rich Jones, and Phil King.  In addition, members who sponsored us through their businesses such as George Gardner, Tom Boven, Barb Van Horssen, Morgan Rescorla, Cara Galbavi, Midge Ver Plank, and Doug Heins.  In addition, Ron Letenyei got a twofer; we honored his company, Vizzi Media Solutions and he was inducted in as a new member!
                In what is becoming an interesting and annual event, Ottawa County chief administrator gave us an update on what is new in our County government.  It is fair to say that besides being run exceptionally well, the County is not afraid to try new programs and techniques to increase efficiencies and to better serve its citizenry. 
                The prime example of this is the test use of a robotic receptionist to greet and direct those entering and using the County offices at the Fillmore Complex.  By robotic we are talking about a machine and not a person hipped up on ultra-strong coffee.  The robot, utilizing Amazon technology, is cheaper than hiring a human to do the job.  No sick days, no bathroom breaks, just cold hard no nonsense directions and a “smile less, have a nice days.”
                Al noted that the technology fund which has been generated by the county’s erection and renting of cell tower space is making the robot project possible.
                The next big development has been the establishment of the Public Defender’s office.  Previously attorneys for indigent criminal defendants were assigned by the Judges.  There was some concern that more of a separation from the judicial branch was needed so this office was created.  The first director of this office is Attorney Robert Hamilton who has on staff of 14 attorneys operating out of offices in Grand Haven and Holland.
                The County has also created an office of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which will deal with societal impacts in these areas.  Many of the county’s recent changes have been the result of a county wide survey which is undertaken every two years.
                Note that there are probably issues which must be dealt with as well.  As indicated, the water quality is a big concern and a drop in the aquifer.  This is blamed on the rise of ground water to maintain our lawns.  Restorative options are being considered.
                A final issue is the proposed dredging of the Grand River upstream to allow boat traffic to run from Grand Rapids to the Big Lake.  A permit had been granted by the county has stepped in to delay the project which Al thinks is a mistake.  Currently sediment testing is underway, which should have been done before a permit was granted.  But financial issues persist as to who will maintain the waterway and pay for marine patrol.
                Our County is in good hands and we appreciate Al’s efforts and his annual updates.
Raffle Winner:  Ed Grafton