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Spring Lake Rotary Scribes Report Friday, Dec. 13, 2019

We were treated to our annual Christmas Choir songs from the Bella Voca Women's Choral Group of Spring Lake High School. The ladies were dressed in festive garb, and looked very much the bearers of Good Tidings and Joy! Robin Kieft Directed the Choir, having 32 years of experience in this role, and she was assisted by pianist Robb Lepinski, who assisted with his talents for the past 6 years. As many know, Robin has her choral groups introduce us to many different Holiday songs, from different venues in the countries that celebrate the seasons. The first song celebrated the coolness of the coming season, as scripted from the works of Rudyard Kipling, about what a Seal must feel when experiencing the lullaby of the lapping of the ocean waters. It was a musical experience to envision a seal lazily floating with the waves. This song is referred to as "The Seal Lullaby" and aptly named. We loved the song.

Next, to set the real Holiday Tone, the choir of selected auditioners, sang "Night Before Christmas" which brought smiles to all the boys and girls present as the Christmas Season is upon us! The choir followed up immediately with JOLLY OLD St. NICHOLAS which really started the sugar plums dancing in all our heads knowing now that our families will be anticipating the special gift that we put off arranging with Santa to deliver: Yachts, Airplanes, Exotic Autos, or just anything to celebrate the Holidays!!

Robin then had all of the members of the choir circle the tables of the luncheon and sing a 17th Century carol, Wild Irish Sheep, with emphasis on JOY, JOY, JOY !! A very inspirational rendition of the ancient celebration song-.Which keeping with the international flavor of the carolers led into a Russian song named The Sleigh! Merrily we went across the snow in the Night lighted along the Way!

When the Choir was released from the luncheon venue to return to class, a heartfelt applause helped them on their Way. Thanks to the school, the Director and accompanying pianist, and all the wonderful young ladies who sang so capably for we Rotarians and out guests.

As an added delight, we were introduced to Claire DeBlanc, SL HS Rotary Student of the Month! Her parents Brian and Julie were also present to observe their deserving daughter receive her recognition, after her achievements to receive the recognition were noted: She would like to continue her education, focusing on Environmental Sciences. She is an academic achiever, a musician, a leader in her class, likes to sail and explore many other interests. A very worthy recipient of the recognition.

Finally, Brad Mac was the 50/50 winner. Snow Jam tickets have been distributed, and Coffee as ordered or purchased was provided, with billing by the club treasurer for coffee purchased. Guests were recognized and Rob Lopez advised that the establishment known as FUEL will be making a major announcement this coming week as to its business focus. Proposed new member Kyle Bross will be on the agenda for possible induction on Jan.13,and our next luncheon meeting is Jan. 3, at TED'S, east of the Village, on Hwy M-104 since the SLCC is closed on that date. FYI, looks like Pronto Pups will be sellingsticksofjoyatSnowJam, so sell those tickets! Happy Holidays to All, and see you after...

Your Scribe, Tom Boven 

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