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5-18-2018/   Michelle Ready- Ottawa County ISD Director
5-25-2018/   No Meeting- Memorial Day
6-1-2018/   Ed Grafton- Bow Tie Interview
Last Week's Scribe Report
                Our guest was Al Vanderberg, the County Administrator.  He presented a lot of information in a slide presentation that moved quickly.  My shorthand largely failed me.  The bottom line is apparent – Ottawa County is doing very well and the administration does not sit by and gloat – rather they are constantly seeking new avenues of improvement.
                Overall, the county has adopted a slogan coined by Judge Ed Post; “The Ottawa Way” (TOW).  TOW encapsulates a culture and way of doing things which are good for citizens and employees alike.  It signifies that good government is practiced here.  As a result, four unions have left county representation, and employee grievances have dropped from 70 a year to as low as zero.
  1. Vision:  Described as “Where You Belong,” Ottawa County is highly attractive and the fasted growing county in each of the last five decades.
  1. Mission:  Committed to a safe environment from people to natural resources.
  1. Goals:  There are a number of goals but primary among them are a strong current balance sheet and a long term financial environment which entices investment.  Ottawa County has the fifth lowest tax rate (3.6 mills.) of the State’s 83 counties.  Furthermore, it maintains a AAA bind rating with Moddy & Fitch.
  1. 4 “C’s”:  Going forward the plan is:
  1. Communication.  Improved and expanded delivery of information to citizens.  This includes Facebook.  Most county business can be transacted online. 
  1. Cultural Intelligence.  Need to work on and improve on diversity issues and training to eliminate unintentional biases.
  1. Customer Service.  This includes intergovernmental cooperation.
  1. Creativity.  Big issues to be addressed in this area:
  1. Ground water capacity
  2. Mental health funding
  3. S.W. Ottawa Landfill
  4. Michigan Indigent Defense Commission
  5. Juvenile Justice Center
  6. Grand River Greenway
  7. M-231 improvements
  8. Increasing the number of paved road shoulders
  9. Robots and use of artificial intelligence
To say that all has a lot on his plate only means he has filled a huge plate.  The future paths look interesting and exciting and we all will be the beneficiaries of his efforts.  Thanks Al!
Raffle Loser:  Craig Cather
Raffle Winner:  Doug Heins