Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Steve Wooldridge
January 4
Craig Sytsema
January 5
Stefanie Herder
January 13
Evan Llewellyn
January 15
David Rhem
January 26
Julie Bunke
January 28
Dave Stocking
January 30
Spouse Birthdays
Emily Paul
January 1
Laura Grafton
January 5
Tamela Gallagher
January 7
Mickey Coulson
January 15
Rich Jones
January 12
Virgil L. Umphrey
January 24
Join Date
Chazz Fisher
January 1, 2010
9 years
Randall White
January 1, 1978
41 years
Ray Komray
January 1, 1986
33 years
James Humphrey
January 7, 2000
19 years
Megan C. Doss
January 14, 2005
14 years
John H. Nash
January 20, 2006
13 years
Russell Hampton
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Upcoming Speaker's
  1/11 – Barb VanHorssen Her Experiences and work – Invocator Barb VanHorrssen
1/18 – Paul Sachs – Ottawa Country Planning – Invocator Jim Bos
1/25 – Chris Burns and Gordon Gallagher – New Sewer Line – Invocator Chris Burns
Last Week's Scribe Report 
Happy Dollars 1/4/19 -- Cara Galbavi for the money raised by Soup For All this year
                                   Chris Burns for The $1,000 gift from our Club for the Art in the Park project (Jason Kik's idea, by the way)
                                   Orville Crain, husband of our Assistant District Director, Susan Crain
                                   Gordon Gallagher
Raffle Tickets were distributed by Brad MacLachlan for this year's Snow Jam.  1,200 tickets were printed.  $25 each or 5 for $100.  This is our club's only fundraiser of the year, so get out and sell, sell, SELL those babies.  See Chris Burns at Village Hall if you need more tickets.
  The Band for Snow Jam this year will be Electric Red, headed up by Shannon's fiance.
Sad News:  Dave Stocking announced the passing of Gary Gerlach's wife, Cindy, and the times for the visitation and service for her.  I was pleased to note that lots of our members attended the visitation Friday.
   The program today was our own members telling about what they did for Christmas and their family's Christmas traditions.  A fun and interesting program.  Here are a few of the highlights.
   John Nash said he and Kathryn entertained their twin granddaughters over Christmas.  Sue Zwart and her husband, Don, welcomed the arrival of a new granddaughter
   George Gardner said it was fun for him and Sarajane to watch their little grandson open gifts.  He would tear off the wrapping paper and declare that gift to be "Box."  The next gift was also "Box," and so was every gift after that.  He would also happily help everyone else unwrap their boxes.  George said it was a treat to see Christmas through a child's eyes.
   Laura Grafton said she and Ed found out that it isn't important to celebrate Christmas exactly on Christmas Day as long as you celebrate it with those you love.
   Jason and Kim Kik have 2 sons, 14 and 11.  Jason had the whole Christmas week off for the first time in years, which made the holidays extra special for their family.
   Dave Stocking and wife Lori have a tradition of exchanging "White Elephant" gifts with family members.  This year, they stole Dave's brother's gift "Wilford the Dog" and took it all over the area to photograph Wilford at restaurants, stores, and other businesses, and then returned Wilford and the photos to his brother.
   Ginny Ryan said Michael's gift from their grandson brought Michael to tears.  Their grandson graduated Law School and then decided to join the Marines, which made Michael and Ginny extremely proud.  The present that brought Michael to tears was a book of photos from their grandson that showed the rigors of the training he had to endure to become a Marine.
   Last, Mike Cotterall reported that he and Mary had no kids at home on Christmas morning for the first time EVER!!!  They have a tradition that commemorates each Christmas of their marriage.  They put a slice of a tree stump on their mantle, with the year painted on it and a word or saying that reminds them of the year in some way ... sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good.  A neat tradition.
Next week's meeting will be at SLCC.  Hope to see you all there.
Phil King as Scribe, subbing for Stefanie Herder.