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Bernie Wade
March 3
Midge Verplank
March 3
Megan C. Doss
March 6
Jen Crouse
March 8
Cara Galbavi
March 13
Mac MacLachlan
March 15
Steve Matthies
March 17
Kevin Green
March 18
Claire Sheridan
March 25
Ernie Petrus
March 28
Claire Sheridan
March 21
Tracy Straight
March 23
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Rich Jones
March 1, 1981
38 years
Barbara Lee VanHorssen
March 6, 2018
1 year
Ernie Petrus
March 8, 2013
6 years
James Bos
March 9, 2012
7 years
George Gardner
March 15, 1991
28 years
Morgan Rescorla
March 17, 2017
2 years
Brian Humphrey
March 18, 2016
3 years
Gordon Gallagher
March 18, 2016
3 years
Stefanie Herder
March 18, 2016
3 years
Julie Grevengoed
March 24, 2017
2 years
Chris Burns
March 25, 2013
6 years
Michelle Hanks
March 29, 2017
2 years
Russell Hampton
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March Greeters 
  Jen Crouse; Doug Heins; and, Phil King
Upcoming Speakers
                                      Invocation                                        Speaker                                                       Topic                       
3/8/2019Gordon GallagherAl VanderbergOC Info & Services
3/15/2019Jess GarrisonHadley StrengNew GHACF Director
3/22/2019Nick ChascoDave SwainGH Rotary
3/29/2019Gary Gerlach(Jim Lilly-? )Michigan House Report
Last Week's Scribe Report
  • John Nash lead the meeting for Dave
  • Invocator: Julie Bunke
  • Sara Gray from the Interact Club visited the club to give an update on the Donkey Basketball game that the North Muskegon Interact Club has challenged them to. It will take place Thursday, April 18th at North Muskegon High School. Rotarians are welcome to sign up to play but everyone is welcome to come and watch.
  • Bernie Wade donated all of his Girl Scout Cookies to the club for their dessert at the meeting – Thanks Bernie!
  • Our presenters were Michelle Bakewell & Lacey Lempke from NOCH. Their presentation went over Adverse  Childhood Experiences (aka ACES)
  • ACES come in many forms, from physical and mental abuse to neglect and household dysfunction. In 1998, CDC-Kaiser Permanente published a groundbreaking study that investigated the impact of ACEs on physical and mental health problems in over 17,000 adults. During the study, the adults were given a survey asking about 10 different types of ACEs and if they had experienced them prior to the age of 18. The study showed a direct correlation between ACEs and future health complications.
  • Michelle & Lacey passed out the ACE questionnaire to the group.
  • Since this study, we’ve not only learned more about the psychological effects of ACEs on young minds, but also the long-term health complications that can come from recurring exposure to ACEs. Now that we understand how toxic stress affects the minds and bodies of children, we can interrupt these changes by providing safe, stable, nurturing environments, while helping children build social-emotional skills and resilience.
  • Ottawa County consistently remained the healthiest country in the state year over year. However, the county’s ACE’s score was on par with the national average.
  • ACES occur at all income levels, all races, etc.
  • ACES are treatable and preventable
  • After a recent Community Health Needs Assessment, it is estimated that over 40,000 residents in Ottawa County score at least a 1 on the ACE Questionnaire.
  • The county has now formed a ACES Coalition and a Resilience Coalition to start combating the number of people affected with ACES. It’s in the early stages but it’s a start.
  • Link: 2018 Community Assessment Findings
  • 50/50 Winner: Ed Grafton