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Nov. 16, 2018
Hopefully all Rotarians are either on their way to their Thanksgiving dinner or have just completed their get togethers’ with family and friends and are helping the economy enjoy a boost from their Holiday spending!!  Our own Ted Fuger, through the able assistance of his caregiver, presented the program about the success of the Hospital Project in Tanzania that SL Rotary, other Rotary clubs, and St. Marys Church of SL has undertaken.  Ted introduced the program which detailed the efforts of many to bring to a successful conclusion the several years long implementation of outfitting a nearly full service Hospital in Sumbawanga, Tanzania.
Barry Kram, and his spouse Bronwen, along with several members of the St. Martins Kids group at St. Mary’s Church provided the organizational talent from our locale, along with Sister Helena Katabera, MPH who is the on- site administrator for the newly outfitted Hospital.  It now has a fully functioning operatory, surgical suites, maternity ward, incubators for premi’s, waiting and exam rooms, and equipment to serve the needs of the various functions.   Obvious to this writer was the expertise of Barry Kram in facilitating the securing of the funds, equipment, logistics for shipping to Tanzania, and then overseeing the actual installation of the various rooms, and training of personnel.  There are now functioning and modern hospital gurneys, beds, exam tables, and recovery facilities.  What a display of talented people, including Colby Nelson and the Carraways, who assisted with others in the work that was accomplished at the Hospital.
To summarize, about 3 years ago Sister Helena visited Spring Lake and areas of West Michigan to expose the need of her hospital for other than holding areas for sick and injured people.  The seed was planted to have St. Mary’s take on the project, with Barry Kram, Ted Fuger and others having Rotary connections, to create a District 4290 Project, with Funding from the Rotary Foundation and other donations, to create a more modern Hospital to meet the needs of nearly 60,000 people who were otherwise underserved for hospital care in the Sumbawanga District of Tanzania.  Nearly $17,000 was donated from Rotary Foundation and an additional $5000 was donated from folks at St. Mary’s in SL plus others.  Volunteer Time is counted in the thousands of hours, both from US and Tanzania based individuals.  A new Sumbawanga Rotary Club has been formed to help carry on the many service avenues of Rotary International that the local volunteers who have become Rotary members are undertaking.
The Mission of the Project was to provide surgical and prenatal equipment and facilities for safe birthing at the noted hospital, as administered by Sister Helena.  The funding was arranged here in Spring Lake, and through Rotary Foundation matching  grants.  The need was based upon the over 60,000 people needing adequate hospital services in the area of the hospital, and over 65 baby deliveries  each year at the hospital.  Now, there are:
  1.  Improved waiting rooms, prenatal and well baby clinics with laboratory facilities, multi-purpose chairs for illness treatment, and physical therapy facilities.  None of this existed previous to the efforts made by Dr. Kram and his associates.
  2. Ultra Sound equipment is installed and functioning along with exam tables;  a fully functioning pediatric ward is now in place used frequently for malaria conditions;
  3. Electric transformers are in place to prevent damage from surges to equipment and 4 Hospital Beds of Stryker quality level are used for the patients needing them;
  4. Labor room and Delivery equipment and beds are in place, with lighting and are being used continually now;
  5. Incubator facilities (2) are in place and premi care is now available;
  6. A fully equipped operating room, anesthesia facilities and drug cabinets with sterilizing facilities are in place and being used, along with an Oxygen machine, waste containers, pharmacy facility and medication administrators with linens, blood pressure cuffs, and recyclable oxygen machine circuits are part of the equipment for use.
  7. Other donor providers are arranging for a laundry, with washer and dryer and a sanitary cleaning process.
The newly equipped and functioning hospital has received  certification as meeting all standards for a modern facility to provide care and hospital services.   The official inspection by Godrum revealed that this hospital was equipped in many areas better than the regional government hospital.  Because the model for equipping the local hospitals is working, a Rotary Club in Washington State and Canada will provide similar hospital installations in other areas of Tanzania.  Service Works!
There is a liason between the local hospital and the diocese, named Godrum, and he reports that all is functioning quite well at the hospital except some new operating overhead cluster lights will be hooked up shortly.  There is a need for thermometers, which will be supplied.   The hospital premises are being well cared for, and the physical therapy services are helping people recover their mobility.  The monitors attached to a patient in the new hospital beds are saving lives, as the staff can now respond to matters requiring attention that previously were difficult to attend to in a timely manner.
This program was presented in a way that explained the Service of Rotary, and the opportunity for each Rotarian, regardless of skill level, to help with a project that improves the lives of those involved in the project.  Thanks Barry, Ted, and all the others who made this possible.
Also, a reminder for bell ringers to sign up for the Salvation Army Red Kettle effort on Dec.  1 at Orchard Market in SL.  See John Nash for sign up times.  Dave Rhem is also rounding up people to help with the Snow Jam efforts in Feb, for both Central Park efforts, and indoor games!   This is the major fund raiser for the SL Rotary for its ability to provide Service to projects for the upcoming year!!
Doug Hines was the lucky winner of the drawing, but not so lucky was Rob Garrison, who left early…
Your Scribe,  Tom Boven .   No meeting on Nov. 23…Thanksgiving Holiday…