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Jess and Jennifer,
   I hope this report reaches Jess, as I am filling in for Jennifer as scribe until someone else steps up to take over for her, at which time I will go back to being a backup for all the scribes whenever they can't attend a meeting for which they are the designated scribe.
Tri-Cities Area Habitat for Humanity 3/2/2018
   We were treated by our own member and Board member, Vicki Coulson, Development Director for the Tri-Cities Area Habitat for Humanity.  Vicki gave us some great insight into the mission of the TCA Habitat organization to help provide decent and affordable housing for families that might otherwise have to subsist in sub-standard housing.
   TCA Habitat was founded here in 1989 by a group of volunteers representing area churches.  It is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International with the goal of eliminating sub-standard housing and undesirable living conditions for families.  
   Vicki proudly pointed out that TCA Habitat has built and/or renovated 60 homes here in the Tri-Cities Area.  These homes have provided safe and favorable living conditions for more than 150 children.  She also noted that kids of homeowners are 25% more likely to graduate from High School and 116% more likely to graduate from college than children of renters.
   Families in need of decent housing must go through a lengthy application and selection process before becoming a Habitat Partner.  First, they must prove need for improved living conditions as well as financial need, plus a willingness to partner with Habitat.  Partner families must commit to contributing 200 to 400 hours of "sweat equity" to qualify for home ownership through Habitat.
   Vicki said their biggest needs at TCA Habitat are in getting buildable lots -- preferably donated lots.  Also, getting community involvement and volunteers willing to donate time, donations of funds, and donations of building materials.  If you are willing and able to help in any of these areas, please contact Vicki at Tri-Cities Area Habitat for Humanity.  She will thank you, and so will the 300+ families in Ottawa County who are homeless and in need of your help.
   One easy and fun way you can get involved is by attending the "Hops for Homes" event coming up June 7 at the Grand Haven Golf Club.  This will be a craft beer tasting party to help raise awareness -- and money, of course -- for TCA Habitat.  Put this event on your calendar NOW and plan to attend.
Submitted by Phil King, substitute Scribe for Jennifer Lynn
Random Thoughts.............................from Phil King     
    **I disagree with those Kay Jewelers ads.  I bet on any given night, more kisses begin with a beer or a glass of wine than with a Kay jewelry product.
 **I hate it when I leave the house in the morning confident and feeling good and then not seeing anyone I know the entire day.  
    **You can't do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about how you experience it.  You can be happy or sad, but what you choose is              what you get.