Announcement Notes 
  • We have a need for servers at the Muskegon Rescue Mission for the Thanksgiving meal scheduled for Sunday Nov. 24. This event will be held at the Muskegon High School gym.
  • Dave Rhem is looking for volunteers to help with ticket collections and serving at Snow Jam. 
  • Again, the meeting today will be held at Spring Lake HS in the cafeteria at noon to meet with SL HS Interact Club members.
Last Weeks Speaker 

Oct. 18 meeting: SLCC

We all enjoyed a nice fall day to be reminded of Pure Michigan by former resident Dave Lorenz, who has most recently been the main force behind Travel Michigan, which is the promotional and marketing outlet for tourism in Michigan. Prior to the program the club also greeted returning members Virg Umphrey, former Sec/Treas, and WWII Vet, along with former club Pres Ed Baldwin, accompanied by his son-in-law Ernie Petrus. Vaughn Umphrey accompanied his dad, Virg. What a couple of veteran Rotarianswho put a lot of time into helping grow our Rotary Club to the level it now enjoys!. Dave Rhem, who worked at WGHN in his teen years, with Dave Lorenz, introduced our speaker, who recalled a lot of good times in the Tri-Cities and Fruitport before moving to the main focus of his program.

Dave Lorenz spent time with Meijer before leaving to take on the difficult job of promoting Michigan. He did not say it, but his experience at the radio station, and with Meijer, made him a perfect candidate to sell Michigan...differently than the local communities tried to do in the past. Dave's idea for Pure Michigan was to sell the Experience of visiting and touring Michigan, rather than the specific locale of a popular attraction. Clean Air, beautiful waters and vistas, northern lights at night, and a feeling of comfort in seeing and doing what is perhaps not so available in other Midwestern States, or even foreign countries.

When the now familiar introduction of the ad campaign to promote Michigan as a good place to visit, under the caption of Pure Michigan was kicked off, the economy of the State in 2006 was suffering from recessions, and it needed a lift. Since the factories and communities could not create opportunities, then selling Michigan as a great place to visit, was necessary to attract people who otherwise though the state was in the doldrums. When potential visitors were alerted by billboards, video ads, and brochures to the availability of clean beaches, great golf courses, outdoor fun activities regardless of the season, then the Pure Michigan promotions began to bear fruit. Over 75 Million hits occurred in one year on the web site for Travel Michigan, focusing on the concept of Pure Michigan.

The web site recorded over 143 Million clicks to links to places, events, opportunities to experience activities, and similar outstanding things to do and visit in Michigan. The marketing approach aimed at two distinct groups: The Millennials and X Generationals, in the younger set, and the over 55ers for the more advanced travel types. The younger set sought info on the Websites, Outside Magazine, and similar action oriented activity media. The more advanced group was contacted on billboards, throughout the State and Midwest, and some in foreign countries, and on TV. The message of fresh water, lots of recreation opportunities, 4 seasons, and activities all year long appeals to all ages.

Several TV programs now appear to record activities around Michigan, including "At the Museum" which exposes the audience to unique museum collections and stories as background. Outdoor Magazines promoting X-Country trails, skiing, hiking, camping, and even surfing on Lake Superior. We all know some local trends, like a Kite Festival in Grand Haven, or a Bike Tour on the many trails around West Michigan, but there are fishing tournaments, Lilac Festivals, Water Falls, Birding events and flyways, and literally hundreds of other sporting, cultural, scenic, boating, beaching and people watching things going on all over Michigan every season of the Year! The message being spread by Travel Michigan is that come to Michigan if you want to see in the UP, Detroit, West Michigan, Meijer Gardens, Zoos, various collections of flora and fauna, things that are fun to visit, and perhaps no where else in the world.

The people of the world come to Michigan, including nearly half a billion dollars of expenditures by the Chinese, which is the leading number of foreign based visitors. Overall, over a trillion dollars are spent by tourists from other places, in the State of Michigan. Business has year around visitors, in all parts of Michigan. Not long ago, except for a bit of deer hunting north of HWY 10, there were not many visitors. Now, there are visitors in the UP and northern Michigan LP all year around, for all sorts of recreation, viewing, visiting, and spending their money where there was none as short as 15 years ago. Dave stated that for every $1 spent on promoting Pure Michigan, there is a $9.08 ROI, with the creation of jobs and value to our state business.

The difficult part of the Travel Michigan promotion is that it may have become a political football, as the budget for Pure Michigan has been eliminated from the upcoming State fiscal year. Dave did not have much leeway in making comments, as it is his job to accept the political part of his job, however he was optimistic that perhaps there will be some give and take between the Governor and the State Legislature in restoring the efforts of his department to continue to promote Michigan as a place to visit, as the financial rewards have proven to be great.

We all enjoyed the videos and comments provided by our speaker and wish him well in continuing to make our State a viable destination for visitors who wish to enjoy what we sometimes take for Granted!

The 50/50 drawing winner was Jim Bos! Remember, you must be present to Win! Your Scribe, Tom Boven 

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