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4/26/2019Rick Jones(Zack Bisacky & Mario Paserelli)Joe's Recycling Center
5/3/2019Sgt. Jaso Kik(Fab Lab)New Innovations MCC
Last Week's Scribe Report
Spring Lake Rotary Scribes Report:  March 29, 2019
James McCloughan – Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
                John Nash was able to secure a decorated war hero to speak to the group last Friday.  Army Specialist Five, James McCloughan and his wife Cherie travelled up from South Haven to visit and recount Jim’s tales from his upbringing, his time in the Vietnam War, and his career in teaching and coaching. 
                Jim grew up in Bangor, Michigan on the family farm.  Living a humble country lifestyle, Jim attended grade school and high school in the same one-room schoolhouse on 66th St.  As a child, his first loves were baseball and berry-picking (farming).  He was a multi-sport athlete in high school, lettering in baseball, football, basketball and track.  He aspired to become a Michigan State Police Trooper, however, his short stature prevented that.   In late high school, Jim began targeting Annapolis, Maryland and the U.S. Naval Academy as his goal - to become a Naval Officer.  He suffered another setback when he was found to be colorblind during the Navy’s testing and interview process, which disqualified him from consideration for the Academy.  At that point, Jim thought that maybe he was destined to be a factory worker like so many others in his hometown.  He went on to attend Olivet College, where he played football and baseball, and wrestled for the school.  He received his bachelors’ degree in Sociology from Olivet. 
                After graduation, in August of 1968, Jim was drafted by the United States Army, and was sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky for basic training there.  Due to his background and training in sports medicine, he was sent on to get advanced medical specialist training in Texas, and then deployed to Vietnam in March of 1969 as a combat medic.  In May of 1969, Jim’s company was pinned down in their position during a battle with the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) forces.  His platoon was ambushed by a large NVA unit, and suffered heavy casualties as a result.  Jim instinctively began carrying wounded soldiers out of harm’s way, and back to cover, dodging crossfire while doing so.  In total, Jim was credited with saving the lives of 10 men that day, while risking his own life on several occasions to carry his fellow soldiers to safety.  He believes that the sport of wrestling contributed greatly to his life being spared.  Fortitude, focus and self-reliance were the main drivers that carried him through and pushed him that day, all of which are crucial in the individual sport of wrestling.  In 1970, Jim was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his bravery.
                Upon return from the war, Jim took a job teaching sociology and psychology and coaching football and baseball at South Haven High School, near his hometown.  He taught and coached there for 38 years until his retirement in 2008, and was subsequently honored for his leadership in education and coaching by the Michigan Education Association, and Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame. 
                After many years, and many Presidential administrations, Jim received a phone call in June of 2017 from the White House, notifying him that President Trump would be awarding him with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroics in the Vietnam War.  On July 31st, 2017, Specialist Five James McCloughan received his Medal of Honor, some 48 years after the action that earned him the award.  Jim is currently one of 74 living Medal of Honor recipients. 
50/50 Winner: Ernie Petrus